Microlearning in a Veterinary Hospital

Think about the last time you watched a short video on YouTube to figure out how to change your windshield washer blades or perform a shortcut on your computer keyboard.  These are examples of a microlearning style. They are short (often 2-5 minute) videos, focused on a single topic, and you use them close to the time you need to perform the task you are learning.  While YouTube videos can be very informational, true microlearning applies modern learning principles to engage the learner and reinforce the key points needed to successfully learn the skill.

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Providing training just when the learner needs it in a busy veterinary hospital requires the learning to be available on multiple devices, easy to find, and cover only a single topic.  All these aspects ensure that it can be easily accessed, quickly completed, and applied by the learner.  The act of applying the knowledge in a real life environment in such close proximity to the time of the initial learning is one of the greatest reinforcement tools possible.  Easy access to microlearning on a mobile device in the learner's pocket, at the wet table, or in the radiology suite creates heightened confidence in skills proficiency.


Why is Microlearning Suddenly So Popular?

Many of us may be familiar with the exponential nature of forgetting.  The “Forgetting Curve,” a study by Hermann Ebbinghaus, found that after one hour, people retain less than half of the information presented.  After one day, people forget more than 70% of what was taught in the training and after six days, people forget 75% of the information in their training!

Modern learners prefer video over all other forms of learning. Eliminating all the unnecessary excess, microlearning videos get straight to the point, thus eliminating the inevitable distraction or boredom longer format videos can produce.

Microlearning can be used very effectively to create sticky learning experiences thereby flipping the “Forgetting Curve” to a “Retention Curve." This can be achieved by offering microlearning nuggets in a social learning environment to:

  1. Supplement or reinforce formal training
  2. Learn new skills or techniques 
  3. Trigger behavioral change



The Benefits of Microlearning

There are several benefits of microlearning-based training. Let’s take a look at these from both learner as well as business perspectives.

Benefits of Microlearning-Based Training for Learners: 

    1. Learner-centric

      Microlearning nuggets appeal to learners as they empower them and give a higher control in defining a personalized and flexible learning path. The varied formats used to create these nuggets are more likely to match individual learning styles.
    2. Just-in-time
      This is probably the biggest benefit for the learners. These nuggets are available to them precisely at the moment of their learning need. They are also available on demand (learners can pull them rather than being pushed into going through them).

    3. Accessible
      Microlearning can be designed for multi-device delivery (from desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones) thereby providing higher flexibility for learners to learn when they need and on the device of their choice.

    4. Rich media
      The design formats of microlearning include rich media formats that lead to better retention of knowledge.

    5. Less time consuming
      Microlearning is ideal for adult learners with a shorter attention span and appeals to millennial learners who have grown up with Google in their pocket.  


Benefits Of Microlearning-Based Training For Business: 

    1. Shorter training periods
      Due to short training bursts vs. all day seminars or long eLearning courses, microlearning costs less staff time than traditional learning.

    2. Laser focused skills selection

      Hospital leaders can choose focused, individual skills to assign to upskill their employees.

    3.  High impact

      By definition, microlearning nuggets are designed to meet a narrow but specific outcome. They are easily reviewed and repeated as needed for reinforcement. They have been used effectively to bring about behavioral change.


Join the microlearning revolution!


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October 03, 2019