Gym shoes? Check. 

Favorite pen? Check. 

Scrubs? Check. 

Training for your new veterinary assistant job? Job posting said “on the job” so, check?


"On the job training” is just the norm.

Most of us in the veterinary world would agree. Some hospitals may have a training binder or a checklist system they may reference, but the learn as you go mentality is what we have been built on for as long as I can remember. What if we told you we had a better option?


We have created a system that takes structure, accountability and proven methods of training that make “on the job” more effective.


IGNITE has offered training for CSR’s, Technicians, Practice Managers and Veterinarians for 3 years, but we noticed a void that desperately needed to be filled: veterinary assistant training. The right hand to technician.


There are a few veterinary assistant programs currently out there in the market, but what makes our program unique is the self-paced structure with proof of completion paired with microlearning and reinforced within our technician community.


You don't have time to recreate the wheel.

Picture this, you are a busy practice manager. Your hospital just hired a new doctor, which means you need two more technicians. Those technicians need someone to help them run bloodwork, restrain patients, walk the hospitalized patient, etc. Where do even you start? Begin the interviews. You now have to not only hire those new staff members and hope you find those all-star employees just ready to roll, but you also have to hire an assistant to help them too. That means you have three new employees to create training protocols for, ensure they sign their new employee paperwork, verify their schedules line up with senior staff members… all while you continue to run the clinic.


Mind in a tizzy yet? Keep reading.


We created the blueprint, the prototype, conducted trials and presented you with a training program wrapped up nice with a bow for your assistant to log into on day one and begin their road as an all-star assistant in the hospital. Each course has a quiz for comprehension along the way and real time activities to make the new learned skills stick. And of course, wrapped up with a final exam and certificate of completion.


Here's a snapshot of everything that's included in the program:

  • Your Role on the Veterinary Team
  • Harness the Power of Your Practice’s Phone
  • Hospitality and Professionalism
  • Trust, Confidentiality and Accuracy
  • Veterinary Terminology and Abbreviations
  • Breed Identification
  • Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
  • Communicating with Clients in a Crisis
  • Occupational Safety Procedures
  • Cleanliness and Comfort
  • Bullying and Mental Health in the Veterinary Industry


Sound too good to be true?

Well, let us show you that we are the unicorn in training. Find out more here.

June 08, 2020

Kristi Fisher, CVT

Written by Kristi Fisher, CVT

Kristi began working in veterinary medicine at age 15. She started out working at a local general practice hospital as a receptionist, worked her way into the treatment area as an assistant, and then to a non-certified technician. She completed the veterinary technician program at Cedar Valley College and graduated with an Associates Degree in Applied Science. She went on to pass her state licensing boards to obtain her CVT in 2013. She stayed at the general practice as a CVT for a few more years until she wanted to practice emergency medicine, where her true passion developed. Kristi’s love for emergency medicine opened many teaching opportunities from lecturing to a small group of 20 people all the way up to a large group of 200 people. Kristi’s position progressed into a Veterinary Relations Coordinator, which included being the main contact for the referring technicians and doctors to her ER and Specialty hospital. After about a year of being out of the clinic, she went on to work specialty surgery. Missing her ER role terribly, Kristi decided to leave the surgery world and head back to ER as the lead technician at her hospital. During this role she used IGNITE almost daily, fell in love with it, and was welcomed aboard as IGNITE's Member Success Specialist and Technician Community Lead in 2019. Apart from IGNITE, Kristi still works at a local general practice a few hours a week, to “keep her hands dirty”. She has an amazing husband who she has been with for 12 years and last March welcomed their first daughter, Joelle “Joey” to their family. Kristi has two pit bulls, Louie and Rawlings, who reside with her full time. She has her “shared custody” animals with her parents, Oakley who is a chocolate lab and Fitz who is a DSH. Kristi loves spending as much time as she can outside, taking the dogs and baby for walks. She loves watching hockey (Go Blackhawks!), baseball games (White Sox and her husband's league), and just relaxing sitting around a bonfire with her family at their lake house on the weekends. Kristi currently lives in the town she grew up in, right outside of Chicago, Illinois.