Your canine patients don't have a voice when it comes to communicating with their owners. They can't tell them they destroyed the couch because the thunder scared them; they can't say they growled at a kid because they had never seen a little human before and it made them anxious.

Unfortunately, scenarios like this can be deemed "bad behavior". Instead of training these dogs to trust the world around them, their owners surrender them at shelters or abandon them. In worst case scenarios, innocent lives are ended... when all it would have taken was a little understanding, effort, and communication.

Being able to speak to behavioral training is a skill every veterinary professional should possess.

This is why IGNITE partners with My K9 Behaves and Donna Chandler to offer the Good Dog! ONE-der Class® to our members. We want YOU to learn canine behavior, master this class, and then turn around and offer its life-saving lessons to your clients! To make it worth your while, you earn 8-hours of CE credit upon completion of the course AND if you work for an Affiliate Hospital, you earn a $40 commission for your hospital each time a client signs up!

Educating the veterinary community, as well as the general community, about the importance of canine behavioral training is at the heart of who we are at IGNITE. Why? Because we want all dogs to stay with their forever families. We want to see a dynamic shift in the statistics of surrendered and euthanized dogs. We want to help owners love their new pet, and we want every good dog to be the “goodest dog” he or she can be.

Be a hero. Speak for a soul that can't. Help your patients communicate the most important message: to let world know they are a GOOD DOG.

For more on The Good Dog! One-der Class®, click here. To take the online course for CE credit, click here. And to see everything our trend-setting learning platform has to offer you and your veterinary team, check out our subscriptions.

December 28, 2018

Samantha Ross

Written by Samantha Ross