You asked, we listened.

Reduced pricing

Many of our members have been asking for a price break if they add their support staff to IGNITE, and we made it happen! 


We've made it so when you enroll 5 or more support staff members (which can be any combination of CSRs, Technicians, or Practice Managers) on IGNITE, your price drops to $9.99 per person with an annual commitment


Which means you can save astronomically on training. Learn why veterinary staff training is worth the cost.


It gets better....


Private group for your hospital on IGNITE

When you enroll in hospital pricing, our system automatically creates a private group on IGNITE, named after your hospital, for you to use freely however you wish.


Voila! Your own, inter-office communication tool.

mock hospital group

The options of what you can do with your group are endless... but if you need some ideas, here are...



4  Ways to Use Your Private Hospital Group on IGNITE:


  1. Unlimited storage for documents.
    Give your staff a place to find your hospital's virtual assets.
    Upload forms, Excel sheets, Powerpoint presentations, you name it and house your resources in one convenient place. You can upload up to 45 minutes of video too!
  2. Live Video.

    Have a message to the team and want to live stream it to everyone at once?
    Use your mobile phone or desktop camera to record and post videos to your group instantly. 

  3. Share posts from outside of your group to discuss internally.

    Found something on IGNITE that your team can learn from?
    Share it quickly and start a private conversation inside your group.

  4. Create private events for your hospital.

    Are you extending your hours over the holidays?
    Hosting a Holiday party for your staff?
    Easily create an event and post it to the group to view the details and RSVP.



Build and manage your own group on IGNITE for your hospital.

Communicate and collaborate with your team.

We can't wait to have you join our community. New users sign up here.

Current IGNITE members with learning community subscriptions can switch to hospital pricing here.


December 12, 2019