A party is only fun if everyone is included, which is why IGNITE is thrilled to announce the newest subscription to our revolutionary platform – The Veterinarian Subscription.

IGNITE’s subscription for Veterinarians helps GPs, Interns, and Residents up their game with case rounds, current medical thinking, and advice from experts and their peers on what to do next.

Our doctor community is thriving. Members post cases they are struggling with or find challenging, and within minutes, members get responses from an ER critical cares pecialists, neurologists, internists, surgeons, radiologists, and dermatologists; all weighing in with help and considerations. Our multi-disciplined approach and attention doesn’t exist anywhere but on IGNITE.

Subscribers have access to specialists in the worlds of internal medicine, anesthesiology, cardiology, oncology, dermatology, radiology, personal finance, mindfulness, and many, many more.

The groups inside IGNITE are carefully monitored by some of the most talented leaders in veterinary medicine. Brimming with resources, capsule reports, and training - only the most current thinking is available and all outdated information gets archived. With our incredible search function, veterinarians are able to find exactly what they’re looking for without getting lost in a forum thread. Our experts post challenging and unique cases into the groups for additional learning opportunities. 

IGNITE is a place where members can also discuss their own cases they’re working on, have the ability to upload an unlimited number of videos and pictures quickly, and get answers from our experts and their peers. Subscribers collaborate, learn, and grow by helping one another.

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Just a taste from our "Ask the Neurologists" community: Dr. Brofman is using 3D printing to replace a vertebrae.

“IGNITE will continue to improve and diversify the offerings for our different job roles and communities,” says Jill Clark, founder and CEO of IGNITE. “Beyond experts, we’re taking a holistic view of our communities. We’re offering more than just education, but a focus on the entire, meaningful life of a veterinary professional.”

For those of you still looking to take your career to the next level – now is the time to join this growing community of almost 7000 active members. Learn, expand, communicate and, well, just be you. It is our honor to provide a safe space for those in the veterinary world to have discussions, ask questions, and share with members in similar job roles across the country.

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February 27, 2019

Samantha Ross

Written by Samantha Ross