This year, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to limit my sugar intake. This lasted about a solid 48-hours before I looked down and realized I was eating a piece of pie and drinking a mocha, completely oblivious to my plan. Clearly, my body consumes sugar on auto-pilot. Resolution blown! Better luck next year. #SMH

Thankfully, IGNITE is nothing like me when it comes to meeting goals. With a new year in full-swing, we are making amazing upgrades and creating awesome opportunities for everyone on our platform.

“IGNITE will continue to improve and diversify the offerings for our different job roles and communities. We’ve added a personal finance guru to our doctor groups. We’ve added the True Talk podcast that gives real life stories about suicide, burnout, and conflict aversion,”says Jill Clark, founder and CEO of IGNITE. “Beyond experts, we’re taking a holistic view of our communities. We’re offering more than just education, but a focus on the entire, meaningful life of a veterinary professional.”

Following suit, IGNITE has made some changes. As of Monday, February 18th, we lowered the price of almost all our monthly subscriptions! No action is required if you wish to continue on your monthly plan; plans will automatically switch on this day.

But the best change of all? You can now receive a discount if you sign up for an annual subscription!

Annual subscriptions will launch on the same date above (February 18th, 2019) and members will receive instructions on how to update their pre-existing subscriptions.


For those of you still looking to take your career to the next level – now is the time to join this growing community of almost 7000 active members. Learn, expand, communicate and, well, just be you. It is our honor to provide a safe space for those in the veterinary world to have discussions, ask questions, and share with members in similar job roles across the country.

Jill Clark puts the sentiments of our entire team together beautifully:

“Veterinary professionals are busy people. They work harder, and have more emotions on any given day than most professionals, and being able to support them and help them in some way is what inspires us.”

Ready to join the discussion? Check out our different subscriptions and choose the one that's right for you and your team members.

February 21, 2019

Samantha Ross

Written by Samantha Ross