What does your typical weekend look like? Chores, yardwork, Netflix on the couch? Most weekends are important for catching up on rest and housework, but they’re not always super productive. What if you could use your weekend to master clinical neurology? What if you could walk into work on Monday more confident, knowing you have the useful skills for improving the lives of any neurological patient you meet?

That’s the exact goal of Lone Star Vet Academy’s “Master Clinical Neurology by Monday” program, happening March 30-31 at the Embassy Suites Brooks Hotel & Spa in San Antonio, Texas.

Move from your couch into a course that will change your career and turn difficult neurology concepts into simple, fixable problems. Guest speaker, Dr. William Bush, VMD,DACVIM (Neurology), is the owner and medical director of Bush Veterinary Neurology Service where he trains interns residents, and veterinary students within his practice. He uses jokes, videos, and a few witty acronyms to help every lesson stick. Dr. Bush is also an active supporter of the D.C Area Academy of Veterinary Medicine.

What should you expect from this exceptional weekend of learning:

·     9 hours RACE approved CE

·     Sharpen your skills in lesion localization and in recognizing and treating inflammatory brain diseases

·     Maximize care options for disc disease, seizures, and more

·     Get the scoop on novel therapies, like cannabidiol (CBD), medium-chain-triglyceride-rich-diets, and others

·     Turn 9 hours of learning into 30 days, with post-program clinical support from Dr. Bush, via private access page on IGNITE; ask questions about difficult cases, clarify course notes, and more

Did you catch that?

Attendees of this program will gain access to a private page on IGNITE. It’s in this group you’ll be able to continue the learning through asking questions, going over course notes, and benefit from post-program clinical support! Continuing contact with Dr. Bush for an entire month after the class has wrapped makes this experience extremely valuable.

But that’s not the only thing that makes this program unique. It’s specifically designed to be more comfortable and less stressful than a typical, larger convention. No more longlines, shuttle buses, soggy boxed lunches, cramped seating arrangements, and massive halls that require maps to navigate. Say hello to a more relaxed learning environment, plated meals, and waitstaff!

And the best part of all? 10% of every registration fee is donated to Texas animal charities. This commitment, known as Lone Star Giving makes sure the CEs don’t just stand for Continued Education; they stand for Community Engagement, as well. Learn more about Lone Star Giving here.

Ready to Master Clinical Neurology by Monday? Click here http://bit.ly/2C07Ljo to learn more and register for this awesome opportunity!

March 04, 2019

Samantha Ross

Written by Samantha Ross